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Kelley L Cox

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The OM-D E-M1X reaffirms Olympus’ commitment to the micro four-thirds system and photographers who want high performance lightweight camera gear. The larger sized build compared to other OM-D cameras provides both vertical and horizontal grip orientations that will feel very familiar for those accustomed to a traditional DSLR grip, without the added weight.

The durability of the camera is important as I’m often working outdoors in changing environments. Many field sports are played rain or shine. The advanced weather sealing of the E-M1X and the M.Zuiko PRO lenses allows me to cover a game without covering my camera in cumbersome rain gear or worrying about damage from unpredictable weather.

As a sports photographer, I often utilize multiple cameras and need to have both long glass for field sports, a wide for huddle photos, and a zoom for everything in between. It’s important the system be compact so I can carry multiple lenses and bodies in one bag. The lightweight nature of a micro four-thirds system enables me to cover a game with multiple cameras and lenses without impacting my body with excessive weight hanging off my shoulders. Switching from full-frame systems and the heavy lenses required for long focal ranges to micro four-thirds, I notice significant difference in how my back and neck feel after a long day and the ability to handhold a 300mm also gives me freedom to easily maneuver around a sideline.

With the custom autofocus targets and enhanced tracking subject settings, Olympus demonstrates their commitment to developing technological advancements that help photographers precisely and accurately capture fast moving subjects. These advancements compliment a well developed line of lenses that ensure superior image quality.

With the Olympus system I am confident I can capture and deliver the images my clients need in a timely manner and enjoy the process of creating them both now and in the future.



The OM-D E-M1X Responsive Performance Every time

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